VAS Sewing Competition

Sponsored by Spotlight

1st Prize - Trophy & $300 Spotlight Voucher
2nd Prize - $150 Spotlight Voucher
3rd Prize - $50 Spotlight Voucher

Rules & Regulations

  1. The garment/outfit to be made by the exhibitor
  2. Garment/outfit of wearing apparel (maximum 3 pieces)
  3. Sewn by machine
  4. May be hand finished
  5. Accessories such as scarves, stoles, shawls, gloves etc. are not acceptable
  6. Knitted/Crocheted items not acceptable
  7. To be constructed in fabric, using natural fibre or fibre-blend
  8. Each exhibit entered must be the bona fide work of the exhibitor
  9. An exhibit having won at a Show will compete at a Group Final.  The winning exhibit will then compete in the State Final
  10. An exhibitor may represent only one local show at Group level and one Group at State level
  11. An exhibit having won at State Final, is no longer eligible to compete in the competition
  12. If for any reason a winner is unable to compete at Group or State Final level then the second placegetter is eligible to compete
  13. A person will not be permitted to win at more than on Show within the State in any one Show year.  Persons not adhering to this rule will be required to forfeit/refund prize money
  14. All work to have been completed in the last 12 months prior to its entry at a local show/field day
  15. An exhibit may only win one Group Final in a show season (Spring to Autumn), should the same article be entered again and found to have already won a Group Final in the same show season the exhibitor must forfeit/refund any and all prizes and will be disqualified from exhibiting for 12 months
  16. Late entries not accepted