Show Cancellations

Due to the past weekend's weather several shows were affected and in some cases cancelled. VAS has confirmed a transfer of date for Kingston's 150th Show to be held on Sunday the 17th of December.

Other cancelled shows have chosen not to run or apply for an alternate date.

This show will be a qualifier for the 2018 Saddle Horse Championships which gives the opportunity for those who may of needed an extra performance/ result to qualify.

Steps to be taken to enter the Saddle Horse Championships is to enter as normal by the end of this week and on your entry please notify us that you will be attending Kingston Show and VAS will receive Kingston's results to verify your qualifications and complete your entry.

In an event that you don't qualify refunds will be given.


VAS State Final Beef Cattle Junior Paraders and Junior Judging

The State Final for the VAS Beef Cattle Junior Paraders and Junior Judging was held at the Royal Melbourne Show Saturday September 30th.   The 2 winners will represent Victoria at the 2018 National Finals in Adelaide.  Congratulations to all finalists.

1st - Georgia Nelson
2nd - Sam Bird
3rd - Paris Hourn

1st - Harry Turnham
2nd - Brittany Abbott
3rd - Casey Ryan

Victorian Rural Ambassador Awards State Final Winner - Sophie Crooke

The State Final of the Rural Ambassador Awards was held Sunday 24th September in Melbourne.  The winner of the 2017 Victorian Rural Ambassador awards is Sophie Crooke.  Sophie represents the Gippsland Group and the Sale Show.  Congratulations Sophie.  Madeleine Allan was the runner up representing the Central & Upper Goulburn Group and the Mansfield Show.
The 9 finalists had a fantastic day at the Royal Melbourne Show on Saturday with tours of the facilities.  The finalists had the opportunity to watch the wood chopping and present sashes to one of the competitions winners.  A tour of the Livestock and Winning Tastes Pavilions proved interesting and informative.  The day was capped off attending a "Youth in Agriculture" Function where the finalists spent time with like minded young people.  

VAS Ltd Craft & Catering Competitions State Final Results

The VAS Craft & Catering competitions State Final was held at the Royal Melbourne Show.  Judging took place prior to the show beginning with the items on display in the Art, Craft and Cookery Pavilion for all to see. Please see list below for results. 

1st - Kim Kennedy (Northern Group)
2nd - Jackson Hayat (South Western Group)
3rd - Margaret Smith (Western Group...
VHC - Gavan Krauth (Wimmera)
HC - Darren Fawkes (North Eastern)
C - Tilly Donkin (Midlands)

1st - Bronte Bowles (Northern Group)
2nd - Zeke O'Kane (Goulburn Valley Riverina Group)
3rd - Alexandria Boucher - (Central & South Gippsland Group)
VHC - Paddy Birtchnell (Central & Upper Goulburn Group)
HC - Joshua Jeffs (Gippsland Group)
C - Henry Boord (Wimmera Group)

1st - Stephanie Hulsbosch (North Eastern Group)
2nd - Julie Arnold-McGill (Central & Upper Goulburn Group)
3rd - Maree Logan (Goulburn Valley Riverina Group)

1st - Penny Wolswinkel (Central & South Gippsland Group)
2nd - Barbara Dealy (Goulburn Valley Riverina Group)
3rd - Jan Babbage (Northern Group)
Commended - Delma Moore (Central & Upper Goulburn Group)

1st - June Radford (Wimmera Group)
2nd - Dawn Spencer (Northern Group)
3rd - Anne U'Ren (Gippsland Group)
HC - Maree Logan (Goulburn Valley Riverina Group)

1st - Lola Petschauer (Wimmera Group)
2nd - Janelee Calleja (Western Group)
3rd - Brenda Oliver (Goulburn Valley Riverina Group)
Commended - Kerri Hunter (Midlands Group)

1st - Janice Sinnott (Central & Upper Goulburn Group)
2nd - Maree Logan (Goulburn Valley Riverina Group)
3rd - Emma Sullivan (Central & south Gippsland Group)

1st - Jessica Wolf (Central & South Gippsland Group)
2nd - Rachael Matthews (Goulburn Valley Riverina Group)
3rd - Eleanor Robinson (North Eastern Group)
Commended - Jade Scott (Gippsland Group)
Commended - Mykaelie Bell (South Western Group)

1st - Patricia Surkitt (Central & Upper Goulburn Group)
2nd - Leah Panos (Midlands Group)
3rd - Lynne Wickenton (South Western Group)


Rural Ambassador Awards Presentation Dinner incorporating the National Rural Ambassador Final

Victorian Agricultural Shows Ltd are pleased to be hosting both the State and National Final for the Rural Ambassador Awards this Sunday.  It is bound to be a fantastic evening supported by people from all around Australia and New Zealand.  

After a day at the Royal Melbourne Show on Saturday the State finalists are interviewed throughout Sunday followed by speeches on stage by each finalist.  The speech topic this year is "What makes your Agricultural Show unique?"

The National Finalists are interviewed by a panel of four judges Sunday afternoon.  During the presentation dinner they will each have an opportunity to be interviewed by Rob Gaylard, the MC for the evening, giving the audience an idea of their dedication to the Agricultural Shows in their home State.  

The Weekly Times has a double page spread in it this week with a story on each State Finalist, giving you some insight into their passions and beliefs.  Click on the photo to see the Weekly Times Story.  

Sophie Crooke and her dog Monty, one of the Rural Ambassador State Finalists. Photo - Courtesy The Weekly Times

Sophie Crooke and her dog Monty, one of the Rural Ambassador State Finalists. Photo - Courtesy The Weekly Times

2018 Saddle Horse Sponsorship Opportunity

Would you like your business, stud or family name on a class or two in the Saddle Horse Schedule?  Have a Champion garland presented in your Studs name, have your Business name on a Champion Rug?  It's easy to do, take a look at our sponsorship form, choose a class or section and it's yours!  It's first in best dressed so don't delay, you might miss out! 

Click on the photo to see the Sponsorship Form

click on photo to view pdf sponsorship form

click on photo to view pdf sponsorship form