VAS Ltd Sub Committee Charter

VAS Next Generation Sub-Committee

The purpose of the Next Generation Sub Committee (Next Gen) is to encourage the participation of young people in activities relevant to the Agricultural Show movement. VAS Limited (VAS) also has Sub Committees for Livestock, OH&S, Craft & Catering and Horses. 

Next Gen will act as an independent sub-committee of VAS, reporting to the VAS Board and seeking permissions and/or advice from the VAS Board where appropriate - typically where spending of money, publishing of documents or making commitments on behalf of VAS are involved. Next Gen Sub Committee will consist of a Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, two members of the VAS Board and any number of other members.

The Next Gen Chairperson may serve for a maximum of two years, together with a deputy Chairperson who will assume the role of Chairperson after two years at which point a new Deputy Chairperson will be appointed at the Annual Meeting. Only members nominated by their local Show Society can stand for election or vote at an election. Any number of non-voting members may be part of the Sub Committee and participate in activities.

It is the role of the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson to instigate and coordinate the activities of the Sub-Committee, including co-opting the assistance of additional persons they deem necessary at any time.

It is mandatory to hold an Annual Meeting each year either physical or electronically (e.g via Skype), which may be attended by anyone in order to establish a quorum but at which only members nominated by their local Society have voting rights for the election of office bearers and moving of motions. 

The sub-committee may determine its own activities but it is suggested that a typical year would see as a minimum;· 

  • Holding an annual meeting each calendar year and electing or re-electing the Chairperson (s)

  • Brief reports of activities to be submitted to the VAS CEO at least two weeks before the VAS Board meetings

  • Newsletter - at least one per quarter

  • Emails to member database - one every month to keep up interest

  • Events - minimum of 2 per year

  • Actively promote Next Gen on Social Media

  • Endeavour to attend annual State VAS Convention - to hold a meeting but also be actively involved in VAS meetings, where possible

  • Endeavour to attend Melbourne Show and Rural Ambassador Competition where possible

  • Regular communication with VAS Board members who are appointed to the Next Gen committee

  • Generally actively promote Next Gen.