2018 National Competition Results

National Rural Ambassador Competition

Winner: Sophie Crooke Lay VIC
Runner Up: Luke Hall WA

National Beef Paraders Competition

Winner: Mason Galpin SA
Runner Up: George Harborne NSW
Third Place: Rachel Williams WA
Finalist: Ben Libauer TAS
Finalist: Emma Pollitt NZ Finalist: Siobhan Francis QLD
Finalist: Georgia Nelson VIC

National Beef Judges Competition

Winner: Harris Thompson WA
Runner Up: Joe Tones QLD
Third Place: Demi Bird TAS
Finalist: Alexandra Thompson SA
Finalist: Cooper Carter NSW Finalist: Harry Turnham VIC
Finalist: Emma Pollitt NZ

National Meat Sheep Judging Competition

Winner: Lachlan Grossman SA
Runner Up: Tenneal Prebble QLD
Third Place: Ash Purcell VIC
Finalist: Katelyn Grimmett NSW
Finalist: Tiffany Barton Kitchin TAS Finalist: James Batterbee WA
Finalist: Scott Maultsaid NZ

National Poultry Judging Competition

Winner: Aron Quinton SA
Runner Up: Courtney Davies NZ
Third Place: Claire Blayney NSW
Finalist: Georgia Weavell TAS
Finalist: Thomas Spencer WA Finalist: Jack Murphy QLD
Finalist: Michael Lloyd VIC

National Dairy Paraders Competition

Winner: Clinton Keir QLD
Runner Up: Liam Radford TAS
Third Place: Stacey Leppert VIC
Finalist: Bridget Liebelt SA
Finalist: James Bush NSW Finalist: Samuel Hall WA
Finalist: Jennifer Thomas NZ

National Dairy Cattle Judging Competition

Winner: Jai Thomas WA
Runner Up: Liam Radford TAS
Third Place: Patrick Anderson VIC
Finalist: Casey Treloar SA
Finalist: Mitchell Atkins NSW Finalist: Courtney Davies NZ
Finalist: Elena Morely-Buchanan

National Merino Fleece Judging Competition

Winner: Stuart Richardson WA
Runner Up: Jedidiah Morrison QLD
Third Place: Courtney Davies NZ
Finalist: Thomas Fechner SA
Finalist: James Gilmour NSW Finalist: Ella McCarthy VIC
Finalist: Matilda Scott TAS

National Merino Sheep Judging Competition

Winner: Adam Bennett VIC
Runner Up: Klay Smith SA
Third Place: Kaden Johnstone WA
Finalist: Jack Lawrence NSW
Finalist: George Taylor TAS Finalist: Courtney Davies NZ
Finalist: Lachlan Munro QLD

2018 Junior Ambassador State Final Results

Winner: Chloe Bowles representing Northern District Group
Runner Up: Giorgi Boucher representing Central & South Gippsland Group

Finalist: Emma Dickinson representing Midlands Group
Finalist: Tiffany McLauchlan representing South Western Group
Finalist: Emily Noonan representing Central & Upper Goulburn Group
Finalist: Holly Deckert representing Wimmera Group
Finalist: Michelle Barnes representing Goulburn Valley Group
Finalist: Eleanor Robinson representing North Eastern Group
Finalist: Brenton Davies representing Gippsland Group

Junior Ambassador 3.jpg

Convention Competitions

It was great to see so many shows participating in the convention competitions.

Traditional Homemade Apron
1st - Jenny from Stawell Agricultural Society
2nd - Myrtleford & District A & P Society
3rd - Margaret Fox - Wangaratta Agricultural Society

Novelty Homemade Apron
1st - Mildura Show Society
2nd - Jenny from Stawell Agricultural Society
3rd - Camperdown P & A Society

Photo Collage
1st - Joan McPherson from Bairnsdale & District Agricultural Society
2nd - Cobram Agricultural Society
3rd - Berwick & District A & H Society