Junior Beef & Dairy Parader Competition Regulations

With the Spring Show season well under way make sure you know the'new' regulations as of 2nd July 2016 if you are thinking of Parading Beef or Dairy Cattle.  These are -

  • Age of Parader must be 8 years & over as of the day of the show.
  • Parader must be attired in suitable clothing including solid shoes or boots.
  • Handler to lead a heifer only under 2 years (as of the day of the Show).
  • Handlers Animal must be eligible for breed registration with their respective breed Society or entered in an ordinary class with details of exhibit on the respective Show/event entry form for insurance purposes.
  • The judge may ask the Parader to swap animals if required.
  • Adult or Steward assistance is acceptable for Parader under 12 years. (Preferred that parents or siblings are not the assistance)
  • Competitions can be split into several age groups depending on the number of entries and level of experience.
  • Parader Competitions are conducted under the FCAS & VAS Ltd regulations and National final competitors must be over 15 years of age at the time of the State final and reside within Victoria.